the guitar explaINED


  • Understanding the guitar's theory - why piano theory is a FAIL and why you should learn theory first and reading music later! By the way - there's NO guitars in an orchestra - why would you learn THEIR theory, which is what you are getting in other books on guitar training? Can pianos do finger vibrato or string bending? No Worst of all, Pianos only have ONE of each pitch - we have up to 5 of eachand there's NO notation for those other notes (except in my book) that I am aware of!
  • Knowing the 12-Tone System. Scale tones are what the titles of chords are saying and that is what the 12-tone system IS. Memorize this list and you're going to LEARN HOW TO SOLO OVER CHORDS FOR REAL WITHOUT resorting to "LICKS".
  • Creating Chords from scratchwithout ever having to invest in any other books that only show chords as patterns, which does NOT tell you how to use them in conjunction with each other OR name a chord you invent!
  • The Logic Behind Theory - why  you learn it and how you proceed, step-by-step with NOTHING left out and the stuff you don't need LEFT OUT.
  • Modes, The 7 Basic Scales (and why you don't need more than that) Soloing and way more ... watch the FREE STARTER LESSON BELOW for sample of what you will not learn in other books Then go to this piece of music and imagine being able to play it - it's in the book and it's the last lesson!

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