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The Guitar Explained teaches you ALL THE BASICS that you NEED. without needing to READ SHEET MUSIC.

What it's all about - to have music "drop your fingers" (as Jimi Hendrix said!) in a totally ZEN manner.

Start using your REAL knowledge (and not just rote patterns) with REAL players who formerly scared you.

Paul Santa Maria has played guitar for over 50 years professionally and knows how to proceed ...

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   finding every E note   

paul  santa maria live

Here I am in 48 degree weather playing two solo sections to a track of my song "Latin Flute", clean guitar and then distortion....

STUDY TOPICS and projects

  • Understanding the guitar's architecture
  • Knowing the 12-Tone System
  • Creating Chords from scratch
  • The Logic Behind Theory
  • Modes, Scales, Soloing and way more

I have had the great privilege of working with some brilliant musicians - they showed me (by just watching them play) that what I knew was truly incomplete - I needed to know more about the true theory of guitar. I had to find out everything I could to be the best guitarist I could and here are some of their views about my book. I am proud to have their participation.

                  ~ Paul


the Father

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