Below are links to 2 of the 5 CD's I have worked on with Larry Coryell - click on the Hendrix CD covers

In addition, I have awards that have no documents like the one above - specifically my 4 Daytime Emmys which were for music composed for WPBT, Ch. 2, Miami - in that case an actual physical award is only - ah, - awarded to the director and producer whereas staff and crew are not given anything to hang or display. Too bad! However:

Go here to see my two film scores listed on the Internet Movie Database.
I also have no physical award for short films, TV spots, commercials that I did for the sad fact is this industry spawns many small companies that generally die with no trace later. However, there are still remnants. Somewhere - like Moscow, for the cooking show theme I did.

The above award was for special recognition of the fact that 5 of the 6 scores I composed and performed won 5 of 7 finalist positions in the first Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival! Positions were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th places.

Below is the film of the 4th place winner:

​"Citizen", directed and produced by Academy Award Winner Alyn Darnay, whose one direction to me for the score (when I asked how many cues and where) was: "Wall-to-wall!"


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"Paul Santa Maria is one great  guitarist and composer; his system of teaching guitar is revolutionary as well as salutary, because Paul doesn't require that you read music; he has his own system that works just fine -- you'll get what you need to become a better guitarist from

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