Legacy for Life

The images below are a sampling of a 30-page distributor's manual for the above-named company, which distributes a product that holds 100 patents on it's content and process. I was hired to produce this book and other sundry materials such as flyers, posters, web content and banners and about 10,000 copies were printed!

© 1971 - 2096 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

my giant wolF spider meme

- an unintentional hoax -

If you haven't seen my Photoshopped pic of a Wolf Spider careening around the net for the last 3 years, you must live in a web!!

Yes, I did this and the proof is the url www.ArtOfPencil.com in the lower left corner - this pic has been featured on Snopes.com and other sites that debunk hoaxes - (I would give you url links, but I see that a lot of them have pop-ups which would only anger you at me for sending you there, so I won't, but you can Google it yourself if you like.) I just made it for fun one day, posted on that infernal Facebook and off it went into viral-land! Heh heh.

"marine captain"

restoration by Paul santa maria

Jared Nensteil's buddy Art Samms provided the Marine Corp Insignia that is now on the cover and in the four corners, signifying protection to the "four corners of the world", as they used to say. This piece is available as a print in 3 standard sizes: 8.5" x 11", 11" x 14" and 13" x 19" framed cheaply by buying a pre-made frame at a place like "Michael's". For custom sizes larger than that, please write for price.

"Buy Now" buttons below are for the Marine Captain print only!

Top Buy Now button: 8.5 x 11              Middle: 11 x 14               Bottom: 13 x19

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by Paul santa maria

the human immune system

graphic by Paul santa maria

This was dictated to me over the phone by Dr. Hellen  Greenblatt - I  then had to create a graphic representation to show how the product I was showcasing (Legacy for Life's "immune 24") would act upon said immune system. Art directed by John Haynes - R.I.P . Copyright Legacy for Life 2002

 "the art of graphic art"

 by Paul santa maria 

This is what I carry as sample material when talking to a

client and there are about 200 samples of finished jobs.