"baby elephant"

pencil drawing - 1982

  This drawing has sold many times as prints of various sizes and is very popular on the site Cafepress.com where the little guy resides on all sorts of neat items like clocks, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, etc.!


"Dream States" c 1984 PSM

PAUL SANTA MARIA ARTS © 1971 - 2096 

"frankenstein 2009"

photoshop painting

The classic moment (not actually in the film, buta publicity photo)  when the wonderful  Boris Karloff steps through the door of the laboratory here he was "born" ("It's ALIVE!!") to freak out

his "creator" Colin Clive!

I knew I was going to meet the daughter of the great man - Sara Karloff - at a "con" called Spooky Empire, where I also got to meet the beautiful Tippi Hedren (the blonde lady from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds") so I painted this for her, printed it and gave it to her - she was thrilled and gave me some cool 8 x 10's of her dad - and she let me sit with her while other

fans lined up to meet her just as I did!

Thanks Sara, you're a cool monster!

paintings by paul santa maria

the art of adobe's photoshop

Trying to get a major company to sponsor a struggling artist is a lot like getting the gig of Moses, when you're just dying to have the power to part the Red Sea...that being said, I still give credit to the people that create these wonderful products - Staedtler (pencils,) Wacom (paintings done with a graphic tablet) and GoDaddy.com (maker of this website builder.) AND of course PHOTOSHOP!


 pencil drawing - 1980 - 14 x 23"

This beautiful Geisha drawing took 3 months of my life.

I always wanted to see this one in color and then after many years along came Photoshop and I was able to retain (through the blend mode "multiply")  the original pencil work and add the color and I chose to alter the composition to make a it a stand-alone piece. For 9 x 12" prints of this color version, use the "Buy Now" button below the pic. Larger sizes available!​ Use the contact form.

"remember me"

pencil drawing - 1982 - 9 x 12"

This is my homage to Michelangelo and M.C. Escher, my two heroes. By combining them, we see that after all the rat race of life going around and around that it is the cognizance of the creator that really matters; that was the message of the title. Because I can render photographically, I did not want anyone to accuse me of forgery (this is before Photoshop even existed) so I made the castle float on a cloud, moved Escher's signature, created the background grid of squares from the actual lines of perspective that he used to create this piece and to top it all off, I tried to render it a little more contrasty and smoothly than he did, all so that no accusations would be made.

This piece is examined in the book.

 "tree and grass dept."

photoshop paintinG

So this piece actually began life as a pencil drawing surrounding a photo cut-out of the little girl by famed Miami photographer Bob Lasky ... he had this idea to combine his photos and my art - so I got some pics from him, did 4 of them, gave the art back to be re-photographed and then Hurricane Andrew destroyed quite a bit of his shop and ALL the work I did ... Having taken a Polaroid photo, I have been restoring this picture for quite some time - so there is the little girl in her field of dreams looking at a butterfly resting on a blade of grass - which is being planted from underground by a gnome who works for the "Tree and Grass Dept."! Is that cute or what? 

Makes a great gift for children of all ages!

the art of pencil - book one
by paul santa maria

My first book of my artwork, specifically pencil drawings, and some are featured below. This book can also be purchased through the site, just click the "Buy Now" button. The book is 8.5 x 11", 100 lb cover stock, saddle-stitched and has  tips on drawing techniques and more...40 pages and BEAUTIFUL!!


 pencil - 1982

This is called it "Ballerina" because the Joshua pine just looks like a woman dancing, her one arm over her head, the other arm extended and the eagle is delivering the ribbon for her costume - a little surrealistic, and that's my style, baby!

"queen of the weather"

  photoshop painting 2011

I wanted to show what I do in Photoshop with a Wacom Graphire digital tablet, which makes it possible to do incredible clouds, wisps of hair and so on. As I said above, these folks do

not endorse me, but I endorse them!



 pencil drawing - 1982 

Below is the full drawing that the

Pieta rendering originated from -

"Remember Me". 

I made this a stand-alone piece that would be available as a print...please excuse the copyright notice emblazoned on some of these and that does NOT appear on any prints of my work, only on the web where theft is rampant.

"Mona Lisa" - detail from my drawing

​"The Further Celebration Of The Female Kind"

Below is my brand new book

"The Art of the Cross"

Site Update 2/17/2016:

​Here are some more pencil works!

"Virgin Of The Rocks"  - This is one of the angels from the Leonardo da Vinci painting of the same name.