Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about my book, recommended by Larry Coryell, Mark Egan and others!


FIRST - I have passed sales of 1,000 copies of my book, no returns, no complaints, no big publishing company taking the profits!!! Thankyou, everybody!

The language and characters of all numbers in the world are  0 - 9.
The language and characters of our reading and writing are
A - Z.
The language and characters of all music are
Root - Major 7th,

called "The Twelve-Tone System".

If you had been taught the twelve-tone system at the same age as you were the other 2 languages you use every day, you would now speak, play and write music with the same ease. It's that SIMPLE.

But were you?  Has ANY student I have ever taught music to
(and that's over 3000 physical humans) known this language when
they came in for lessons - even when they had had other teachers?

Has any guitar instruction manual taught you Root - Major 7th as the
first lesson? I don't think so.
THIS does!! You must learn this language to understand what the names of chords mean, how to solo, etc. Otherwise you will be "poking around" forever.

It's that -SIMPLE.

SO: Please ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. do i really know where i am on the fretboard when i try to solo ?

2. do i know how to create any chord by myself, anywhere on the fretboard, at any time ?

3. have i paid for lessons before and still feel unsure of where to go, what to play, what to do ?

If you answered yourself truthfully and the answers were NO -  NO - YES,

then my book is for you, beginner OR advanced! Please CLICK Here and read all the text explaining what my book is about. Click here to read UNPAID-FOR testimonials from geniuses like Larry Coryell and Mark Egan (Google them if you are unaware of their names!) and then realize that for less than a ONE-MONTH PHONE BILL, ($36.00 with shipping, to be almostexact) you could know what you're doing forever. Then after your friends freak out, you can act all cool, knowing you were smart enough to trust me.

*The Guitar Explained was reviewed by a Summa cum Laude graduate of the Juilliard School of Music  who worked for the Library of Congress and granted me the copyright based on correctness of the info. Not only did she tell me there was more information in my book than she was taught at Juilliard, she also praised the graphics, the clarity of explanations and asked if she could continue studying from it ! I have sold over 1,000 copies without any requests for money back nor any complaints ... (although there are those persons who feel you're too impatient or SPA [SmartPhoneAddicted] to EVER be able to read a BOOK - oh NO, a BOOK! A thousand years of precedent, but YOU can't do it, they say ... not me - books don't need electricity to use them !!)

HERE's WHAT TO DO NEXT: Watch the video of me playing live just below this (It was 48 degrees !) and the video below that (which is a free lesson) and decide for yourself if I know what I'm doing. 

NEXT I would like you to know that, while a college degree is what you are  going to need to play in a symphony or to learn to sight-read charts so that you can get called to play  a small amount of professional gigs, I personally believe that 55 THOUSAND dollars a year is too much if you just want to be an informed guitarist. But that is your call.

Am I comparing myself to famous schools? YES.

Need to read to get a gig in a symphony orchestra?

Go to them.


BUY MY BOOK  It's that Simple.

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