June - October 2017 - Lake George Steamboat Company

​Lake George, N.Y. COMPLETED! A VERY successful season, thanks to everybody: employees, patrons, management!


TBA, 'cuz I moving to Tennessee for 7 months. I'll report!

  • Get Back4:58

  • Solo Pop Music Demo3:34

  • Solo Guitar 20157:38
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about paul santa maria live:

experience, songs, styles, $$$

I have beenperforming live professionally (getting paid to play guitar, bass and sing) continuously from age 12 and since that time have been solo, duo, trio, etc. I have been either a part-time or full-time member of The Spiral Staircase, The Drifters, The Platters, The Marvelettes, The Spinners, Tiny Tim, The Coasters, Larry Coryell ("Coryell / Santa Maria" duo) and hundreds of

local / touring bands. I have tons of pro experience...

If you missed my BIOREZ, I am also an award-winning music composer with 4 Daytime EMMYs to my credit, 2 listings on (the internet movie database) for 2 film scores and have written over 700 separate pieces of music for PBS,

the Discovery channel - so I know how to be professional.

My Styles:

I perform solo ("Solo Guitar 2015" sample) mostly non-vocal "Jazzy" instrumentals for concerts, weddings, (all stages of wedding events) restaurants, private  parties and specialize in classics by The Beatles, Zeppelin, Chaplin etc. 

OR:I play pop music with backing tracks (like the other two music samples above...) which adds my vocals and the styles are from Frank Sinatra to Beatles, etc. for a party atmosphere.

With solo guitar, I play with great dynamics, meaning sometimes my arrangements are very quiet (like "Edelweiss", "Yesterday" or "Michelle") and sometimes aggressive (like "Eleanor Rigby" or some Blues) but all are with complex chording, a display of technical ability that you won't hear with a "strummer" (not that there's anything wrong with that) and it is very attention-getting.

I dress nicely and I SHAVE. I don't require alcohol or drugs to play the way I do - in fact, they would be a hindrance to my need for attention to every move I make on my 1977 Gibson Les Paul.

As an associate, side man, producer and engineer for world-famous musicians, I learned from the best !! 

$$$: GeneraIly I charge $100.00 per hour and 3 hours is my maximum performance time.

However, negotiation is an art I have mastered...

I am in the Upstate NY area May-une to Oct-nober and

eastern Tennessee  Nov-cember to May-une.

But, have show, will travel.